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3-K for all provides free, full-day, high quality early childhood education program for three-year-old's. Rehoboth Care, Inc was awarded a 3-K program slot by the NYC Department of Education, so parents of children that were born in 2018 or later and reside in the NYC area are welcome to apply.

Visit the Department of Education website at or call our office number at (718) 712-2003 or the owner's cell phone number at (347) 351-4970. We are also accepting applications for children with special needs. We also provide related services for children as young as 3 years old and young adults as old as 21 years old. These services can help students achieve their educational goals and assist with their behavior in school. Recommendations for related services are part of the IEP.

COUNSELING: Counseling helps students improve their social, emotional, and coping skills. Potential goals may address appropriate school behavior and self-control, peer relationships, conflict resolution, and low self-esteem.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: Occupational Therapy helps students develop eye and hand control and uses information from the senses to improve life skills such as eating, self-care, problem solving, and social skills.

PHYSICAL THERAPY: Physical Therapy gives students independence in classrooms, the gym, the playground, bathrooms, hallways, and staircases. Therapists will help students develop physical skills such as:  
Gross Motor Control (Large-Muscle Movement Control)
Ambulation (Moving from place to place)
Balance and Coordination

SCHOOL NURSE SERVICES: School Nurse Services helps students who have health-related needs stay safe and participate in school. 

SPEECH/LANGUAGE THERAPY: Helps students develop listening and speaking skills. Goals may address:
Auditory Processing (Understanding and using the sounds of language) 
Phonological Skills (Organizing speech sounds)
Comprehension (Understanding language)
Articulation (Forming clear sounds in speech) 
Social Language Skills

PARAPROFESSIONAL: Special Education teacher support services (SETSS)

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